Managed IT Services

  1. Onsite Support & Problem Management.
    Workplace Training.
    Desktop & Network Monitoring.
    Cloud Computing.
    Microsoft Office 365.
    Business IT Support.
    Residential IT Support.
    Hardware & Software Procurement.
    Remote & Onsite IT Support.
    IT Network Audit.
    Home office IT Setup.
    Migration From Any IT Environment.
    VOIP Infrastructure.
    Laptop & desktop computer repairs.
    Computer upgrades.
    Wifi & connectivity.
    Spyware, malware & virus removal.
    Automatic backup solutions.
    Hard drive repairs & data recovery.
    Web Development and Maintenance.
    Networks for medium to small enterprises.

Services in Detail

If your computer is slow, has pop-ups, is making weird noises or just isn’t turning on our computer repair technicians are ready to help. We will clean up any infected system and provide the tools to keep it running like new. Accidents happen and so our computer repair techs are prepared to fix any physical damage that has been done, with a wide array of parts on hand we can repair most common issues that day or order parts if they are required. Don’t wait days to hear from someone about your computer  problem, we will contact you with updates as the computer repair process is carried out.

We provide extensive online protection, here are some of those services:

  • Virus detection, eradication and inoculation.
  • Detection and disabling of unauthorized terminal capture programs.
  • Detection or installation of keystroke recorder hardware or software.
  • Internet firewall configuration, installation and maintenance.
  • Installation of programs to track amount of time spent on-line and websites visited.
  • Secure internet transaction service consulting.
  • Data and e-mail encryption.

If your hard drive or device has crashed do not fear, our experts are ready to help you recover your data. With over a ninety-five percent success rate, Computrs Inc. can help recover lost data and important files. Here is a list of items we can fix for you.

  • Data recovery from dead or dying drives*
  • Data recovery from smartphones, tablets, and other portable media
  • Data backup to an external or cloud drive
  • Data transfer from an old computer to a new one
  • Hard drive destruction for old, failing, or dead drives
  • Complete computer reset including data wipe


When product needs to be removed and destroyed within a secure environment, pick up the phone and call us.

Leave the entire operation to Capital Computers. We handle the whole process from the collection, destruction and certification. Your products will not enter the market. Our team are extremely experienced and work collectively to ensure that your product removal is hassle free!


Our Technical Team design networks according to the client requirements, and we suggest the right hardware and software equipment. We design VPNs, FTPs, VoIP, LAN, WAN and  Wi-Fi for quality control and connectivity system. Connecting the remote offices or embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), we bring together the right combination of technologies to provide an end-to-end solution, using our people with cutting edge technology.



Our Technicians have the complete knowledge to build the network. From the design and installation to the client requirement and needs for the smooth operation and connectivity, we have developed leading-edge solutions for all manner of infrastructure. Our innovative techniques reduce project complexity and engineer the right solution for businesses like yours.



When one of our engineers designs a network solution, our people install it, which means you have highly-skilled, experienced engineers coming to your site. Our technical staff use state-of-the-art gear to check everything is established and operating correctly, and rigorous health and safety requirements met.



Our engineers are the people other engineers turn to for best-of-breed solutions. Our Network Management team monitor remote networks to see how they are performing and whether early intervention is needed. You can take comfort in the knowledge that our engineers are never more than a few hours away and can get the job done right the first time, no matter the complexity.

Managed Services in Support of your IT

Are you an organisation looking for an IT Support partner that has specialised in servicing small to medium sized organisations in New Zealand?

Capital Computer Service Ltd is a trusted IT support partner based in Wellington providing flexible, reliable and effective support for 10+ years. While our Managed Services team specialise in the support of IT Infrastructure, our Consulting, Contracting and Development & iMIS business units make Capital Computers uniquely positioned to provide a well targeted solution.

Cloud based services have several common attributes:

Virtualization – cloud computing utilizes server and storage virtualization extensively to allocate/reallocate resources rapidly

Multi-tenancy – resources are pooled and shared among multiple users to gain economies of scale

Network-access – resources are accessed via web-browser or thin client using a variety of networked devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)

On demand – resources are self-provisioned from an online catalogue of pre-defined configurations

Elastic – resources can scale up or down automatically

Metering/chargeback – resource usage is tracked and billed based on service arrangement